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Keratoconus Australia's primary objective is to provide support for the keratoconus community

Since 2000, the Association has communicated with thousands of people and families affected by keratoconus. Many of them come to us distraught and concerned for their future or that of their young children. Many have seen optometrists or ophthalmologists without finding a solution to their vision impairment.

Keratoconus Australia endeavours to help these people find the specialists who can assist in improving their vision - no matter where they live. While there are a handful of contact lens fitters and corneal surgeon specializing in keratoconus in the capital cities, they are rare in country and outback areas.

We have fielded requests for help from the Kimberleys to the Gulf of Carpentaria, Alice Springs, the Great Australian Bight, the tropics of Queensland and the mining towns of the Pilbara. Yet strangely, some of the worst cases have involved people living only a few suburbs away from the eye-carers who could assist them.

Thanks to the support of a small network of eye-carers around Australia and the power of the internet, we direct most of these people to eye-carers who are able to restore their vision and allow them to resume their lives.

We also spend time communicating with people about their issues, helping them understand how they can live with keratoconus, explaining strategies for coping at school and work, finding resources to assist with specific problems.

We have created outreach services for patients and their families confronting the often difficult question of whether to have surgery. We now have a small and dedicated group of members willing to discuss their experiences with corneal transplantation or more recently, corneal collagen crosslinking.

Anyone considering surgery can today find out what to expect - not just during the operation, but in the days, weeks and months during the recovery period and thereafter. Feedback we receive from people who take advantage of this service indicates that it can be of immense assistance prior to surgery.

If you require support for yourself or a family member or friend, please contact us via our Helpline