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Keratoconus Australia has developed into an effective advocacy group for Australian people with keratoconus and their families. Although small in size, we have attempted to make our voices heard in the halls of government and private industry and in medical circles in an effort to improve treatments, benefits and rebates for keratoconus.

Keratoconus Australia is now a name recognized in this field of eye care and there is a general respect in the community for our role in representing the interests of people with keratoconus and championing their rights.

The fact that Keratoconus Australia has remained totally independent of funding by government or private corporations and is controlled entirely by a committee of management comprising only people with keratoconus has enhanced our credibility to speak on behalf of the keratoconus community.

Cheaper Contact Lenses

Our efforts in this regard include a campaign to reduce the costs to patients of specialised contact lenses for keratoconus. These can be prohibitively expensive for some people - especially those showing rapid progression and who require regular changes in contact lens prescriptions.

This campaign has involved representations to the private health fund industry, the federal government, the peak eye care bodies including Vision 2020 and the Optometrist Association of Australia. But this is a complex issue and the Association has achieved only moderate success to date.