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How to meet the challenges of Spring

Spring can be tough for people with keratoconus who also suffer from allergies. These three simple initiatives can help you through the pollen season

1. Treat itchy eyes, don’t rub them!

As the cold gives way to warmer weather and we spend more time outdoors, pollens start to emerge too. People with keratoconus tend to also suffer from allergies. Itchy eyes are annoying and lead to eye rubbing. But eye rubbing can trigger keratoconus and make it worse.

If your eyes itch, please see your optometrist or GP for advice on how to stop rubbing and for eye drops to prevent itching.

There are over-the-counter drops like Zaditen or prescription drops like Patanol which can be very effective. Or just take an antihistamine tablet once a day.

Wrap around sunglasses can help keep pollens out of your eyes. Polarised lenses will also minimize glare which can dazzle keratoconus-sensitive eyes.

Also try to avoid eye rubbing after removing your contact lenses. It may feel good, but it may be aggravating your keratoconus.

2. Visit your contact lens fitter

Spring is a great time to renew your acquaintance with your specialist contact lens fitter for keratoconus to get your contact lenses checked for fit and discuss any issues you are having with your vision or allergies. You may have been delaying a visit due to Covid-19 so check your optometrist/contact lens fitter is open and implementing the necessary safety precautions.

3. Change your contact lens case

Dirty contact lens cases can spread bacteria. Your contact lens case should be changed at least every 3 months so the change of seasons is a great time to change your lens storage case too. Remember, to avoid bacterial infection use only sterile saline solution when rinsing your lenses and storage case.

Tell us what else you are doing to maintain your eye health