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The Association urgently requires highly skilled volunteers who are self-motivated to assist with a variety of tasks and to join the committee of management. If you want to help, please understand we need people able to initiate, follow up and complete tasks as we are unable to provide advice and supervision in these specialist areas. These include:

Volunteers coordinator

  • experience in managing volunteers, allocating tasks, follow-up

Low vision counselors, educators and therapists

  • specialists with experience in managing the different challenges facing people with low vision, not necessarily just keratoconus


  • design content development and maintenance
  • provide and monitor content and postings

Social media

  • formulate policy guidelines for Facebook and Twitter and other platforms
  • provide and monitor content and postings
  • experience in writing submissions to government and other representative organizations
  • understanding of the Medicare system


  • ability to initiate, understand and evaluate research projects and ethics protocols in the health and medical field
  • coordinate with research teams
  • experience in writing submissions


  • ability to develop and implement a fundraising strategy
  • event management


  • ability to develop budgets and forecasts of funding requirements
  • manage research budgets


  • assist in the design and preparation of templates for invitations, newsletters, brochures and other printed and electronic material for distribution

If you are prepared to make a real commitment to changing the lives of people with keratoconus, then Contact Us now