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Latest on keratoconus research at CERA: watch now

The Centre for Eye Research Australia held a zoom event on November 9 to update keratoconus patients and their families on their innovative research into this eye disease. Watch keratoconus experts Professor Mark Daniell, Associate Professor Elaine Chong and Dr Srujana Sahebjada from the Centre for Eye Research Australia, Professor Paul Baird from the University

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New studies show keratoconus rates higher than thought

Is keratoconus on the rise? Or are better screening techniques finding more sub clinical keratoconus than in the past? This article examines recent studies which show a much higher prevalence of keratoconus than previously thought Read more

World Keratoconus Day

November 10 is World Keratoconus Day. It’s a day to share your story of life with keratoconus with family and friends, to celebrate your successes and remind yourself of what you learned from all your experiences along this lifelong journey. Inform those around you about keratoconus by referring them to the information and many resources

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World Sight Day – get your eyes tested

It’s World Sight Day and time to book that eye test you may have put off due to Covid-19. Created by the World Health Organization, World Sight Day is an annual event to focus global attention on blindness and vision impairment and is supported by Vision 2020 Australia and Keratoconus Australia. In Australia, around 90%

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How to meet the challenges of Spring

Spring can be tough for people with keratoconus who also suffer from allergies. These three simple initiatives can help you through the pollen season 1. Treat itchy eyes, don’t rub them! As the cold gives way to warmer weather and we spend more time outdoors, pollens start to emerge too. People with keratoconus tend to

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Keraclub 2020 Video now available

KeraClub 2020 Dr Himal Kandel and Professor Stephanie Watson Save Sight Institute, The University of Sydney COVID-19 outbreak has impacted almost every aspect of our lives and KeraClub was no exception. This year, the 5th annual community event for people with keratoconus ‘KeraClub 2020’ was organised solely as a webinar. The Save Sight Institute and

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Project to create special glasses for keratoconus

An interesting project to develop spectacles that correct asymmetric astigmatism which characterizes keratoconus. If successful, this would further assist people who have trouble wearing contact lenses for long periods and may help them avoid surgery. Read more

Why become an eye donor?

Crosslinking is having a big impact on reducing the number of corneal transplants required for keratoconus. But not all patients can benefit and a small number of people still require a corneal transplant to restore their vision. As part of National DonateLife week, the head of the Victorian Lions Eye Donation Service, Dr Graeme Pollack,

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